I'm Back!

Finally, an update!

I was in the process of moving, and lots of other stuff came up, but I am finally settled now. And, because I'm settled again, I can work on my website and design projects.

So whats new?

I have started up a Flickr page for my photos. You can find a link to that in the side.

There is also a new member to the Über Graphics team and we are pleased to announce that we now can offer web design! We are currently working on our first website project, so I'll include a link once it's done.

I also will be working on various new t-shirt designs. They will be available on my RedBubble page (link above) and hopefully on one of the major online t-shirt stores, like ShirtPunch.com. 

As always, any news or new portfolio items will be announced on Twitter, so be sure to follow that!

Almost There

I have finally decided on a new look for my website and it is almost completely implemented on my site. Also, be sure to check out my store, where you can buy t-shirts with my original designs. ANy new additions to my DeviantArt gallery or Uber Graphics portfolio will also be posted on my Twitter account, so be sure to follow that. 

Still Working...

You may have noticed, the last few days especially, that the layout and design of my site keeps changing. My site may not look the greatest right now, but I am working hard to make my site look as good as possible. We should have a final design very soon!